Written on January 16th 2022
TONI is a soak-off system consisting of three coordinated components. The innovative formula of the Soak-Off Bondex, Soak-Off Color and Soak-Off Top Coat ensure perfect and colour-intensive coverage. Our mission is to consciously design beauty. We proceed patiently and strategically and draw on many years of expertise with our parent brand Nail:Code. These experiences and perspectives are our greatest strength. We love diversity and grow with the wishes of our customers. With the unmistakable color tones, TONI is always up to date and focuses on the highest product quality made with love from Germany.
Bitcoin ATM Pros Inc. stands firmly in support of financial freedom. The liberty that cryptocurrency and decentralized banking provides globally requires an infrastructure that Bitcoin ATM Pros is building. In the United States, all bitcoin ATM operators must register with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and comply with the Anti-Money Laundering provisions of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA).
TogtuunLabs is an assembly of Artist, Programmers & Marketers launching web3 projects & helping companies launch their own web3 projects. The web is more than just tokens and contracts, it's ART & DESIGN, it is attracting an audience and a vibrand product launch. We at TogtuunLabs believe that the Crypto Space is the Future and that we can empower and help more Creators to become part of this amazing space.
Blockfluence uses a wide range of marketing tools to propel brand awareness and attract investors, users, and other stakeholders for our project. Blockfluence implements a data-driven approach to creating products and services for crypto businesses worldwide. They have worked with Socialswap, Rastaswap, Oshi, Cyber Hornets Colony Club and many more.
Dear Future collaborates with progressive NFT and Metaverse teams that push boundaries and challenge the status quo.
Avolox is a group of young professionals made up of computer engineers, high-level programmers, information security experts, graphic designers, blockchain developers, marketing geniuses, and communication experts. Avolox has always leveraged technological excellence to design and develop innovative solutions aligned with the needs of its customers. Avolox does not simply seek to solve a problem but to bring permanent value to the daily growth of hundreds of companies, whether it be Crypto Verse, Meta Verse, or information technological domains.

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