Virago: On the Run

Updated on April 20th 2022

Viragos: On the Run is an Endless Runner where the player will help Aliz traverse this ViragoVerse city. The player will be able to choose between two different difficulty levels that they can switch while playing the game. The player will be able to take a ladder from the street level to the rooftop level. Where they will face more difficult obstacles and they will be rewarded with a higher yield of points. The player will have to parkour over, under, and through the objects in their way. The player will also have to fight against those who seek to stop Aliz. The player will have to use their resources wisely to make it to the top of the leaderboard.

The team is working to integrate web3 into the game to allow the leaderboard to show the player’s Virago NFT and the name they gave their Virago. Allowing for more community recognition. As the player progresses the difficulty of the game will increase as well.

Run, Jump, Slide, Kick, Destroy, Fight, Parkour, Earn, and Climb the Leaderboards in “Viragos: On the Run”

Competitions will be held within the community with give-a-ways and prizes for those who rank high on the leaderboard! This is how we will deliver on our games, with rewards, and engage the community while we take our time creating Viragos: Unchained

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