Virago: Origins

Updated on April 11th 2022

  • Game Name: Virago: Origins

  • Platform: Mobile(Android and iOS) and PC(Broswer)

  • Game Engine: Unity

  • Version Control: GitHub

  • Genre: Platformer with JRPG Combat

In Viragos: Origins the player will play as Zaya, the creator of the ViragoVerse. They will play through the story and experience the history of the ViragoVerse. They will play through the lands of Tengri as Zaya with her god-like abilities in their control. The player will be able to fly and explore the land that Zaya created. Defeating those who are at war in their land. Learn how the rifts open and experience the cross over. The player will fight as Zaya to prevent those who wish to bring harm to the Tengri and the ViragoVerse. The player will fight mini-bosses and bosses in JRPG Combat. Allowing for a different and strategic take on bosses in the platformer genre. The JRPG combat will allow the player to be introduced to the movement and style of combat each Legendary Virago wields. This will show the player what type of moves they can expect in Viragos:Unchained. In Origins, the player will be the introduced to what the Viragos and the ViragoVerse has to offer…

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