Updated on April 10th 2022

Who are Viragos?

Virago - A woman of great stature, strength, and courage. These Viragos are not only women with great strength and courage they posses powers beyond that. Brought to Tengri through an error by Zaya(The Creator of the ViragoVerse), the Viragos walked through the rifts. With them came the good and the bad. Each Legendary Virago coming with their own special abilities and transformations. Each of them carving their own story in their new home. Some bringing their past with them... Fight to survive and shape Tengri! Build the story with our community through our games, manga, products and services - this is the start of an IP that will never be forgotten.

Virago: Unchained

Viragos: Unchained is a fully hand animated competitive play and earn fighting game with beat'em up gameplay in the story mode. The player will be able to enter 'The Tower' to advance floors and earn! Players will be able to earn in-game rewards that they can sell on the Virago NFT Marketplace and earn the native token TENGRI $TNGR. Players will be able to play as the Legendary Viragos, purchase, rent and lend fighters and arenas and will be able to conquer the tower for rewards!
Fully hand animated Play and earn fighting game early Concept Art


We are aiming to create an ecosystem of amazing lore, great gameplay and high quality artworks. Allowing players to play, earn and live inside the ViragoVerse.
NOTE: A Living Document
This Whitepaper is a living document and will be continually updated as new information is available. The purpose of this paper is to outline the initial vision, provide the details that are available today, generate discussion and feedback and continually refine every aspect.
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